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  • 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox 
    As is known to all, generally by the motor and gear Brushless Gear Motor reduction motor reducer (reducer) in two parts, in use can result in a failure gear reduction motor ring. Sound may be reducer sound, sound, it is possible that the motor itself if it is reducer in sound is mainly caused by the following reasons:1, reducer friction wear;2, reducer shaft or bearing damaged or worn...
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  • 24v Gear Motor
    Geared motor in the process of using, part of the electrical energy 12v High Torque Motor into heat energy, this part of the process of energy conversion as the temperature rises, referred to as the temperature rise. Temperature refers to the motor temperature minus the ambient temperature, temperature is an important index in the design and operation, marked the fever of the...
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  •  Vending Machine Motor 
    Many gear motor users when browsing information, know to have a single 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox stage and double gear motor speed ratio, now, small make up is to introduce a order reduction motor gear motor and double speed ratio difference:Single stage spur gear reduction motor: mainly by the main, driven deflection gear, bearing, collar, end cover, main and deputy shell flange,...
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  • Gear Reduction Motor 
    Normally, the gear reduction motor gear clearance is too large to limit cycle Micro Gear Motor oscillation phenomenon such as low speed not smooth commutation jump, don't impact resistance, parking instant easy collapse teeth; Clearance below the gear speed reducer is easy to heat, the damage quickly, affect the service life of the gear reduction motor.In addition to the above three...
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  • Small Dc Gear Motor 
    There is a story goes like this: a farmer, he want to put the cow micro gear motor in the bullpen with son. But the cattle class, not into the tent. Thrust, father and son two people take me to the best of all one's skill, the cow is not move. At that moment, the farmer's wife pulled out a handful of grass from the river bank, while feed cows led the cow walking in the bullpen, the...
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  • brushless gear motor 
    What are some of the terminology geared motor? Purchasing gear reduction motor personnel and engineering personnel with the sales staff in the communication of the gear reduction motor will inevitably encounter some some terms about the product, familiar with these terms besides can reflect your professional, more can improve efficiency and reduce the probability of wrong gear...
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