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  • The Complete Guide to PacMan 30th Anniversary Game
    A video game that has endured since its 1980 debut is pacman 30th anniversary. It's a timeless classic that's still a hit today. For this reason, we've decided to look back at a classic video game that has changed a lot over the past three decades in an effort to celebrate its existence. Evolution of the Pac-Man Video Game Google's homepage featured a doodle of the Pac-Man logo on May 21, 2010...
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  • What's special about Canuckle?
    Canuckle, which is a spin-off of the Canadian Wordle. If you are Canadian or have a liking for such things, you will find this article quite interesting. The goal of the game is to correctly guess a Canadian word within six attempts, with the level of difficulty increasing with each successive word. Because of both the ease with which it may be played and the limited number of times per day...
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  • Why You Should Play Trap The Cat?
    If you are a game lover and you want to add some interesting games to your list, here is something new for you. trap the cat! The game might sound strange at first but once you start playing it, you will get hooked. There are various versions of the game available on the Internet. You can choose one that best suits your style; whether it’s the classic version or something with more rules....
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